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January 15, 2018

Social Development and Family Interaction

Virginia Tech Department of Phycology is seeking families in the US and China with 7- to 11-year-old children to understand social development and family interaction.  Research may be completed from the comfort of your home with no face-to-face contact with us.  This cross- cultural study involves parents completing online questionnaires and uploading audio recordings of parent-child joint activities: A) talk with each other about events that made you or your child feel angry, proud, shame/guilt, and warmth; and B) read a wordless book together. Questionnaires will take about 30 minutes and parent-child activities will take about 45 minutes. Parents will be given a $20 e-giftcard and children will be given a wordless picture book and a sticker sheet. Interested? E-mail

The Impact of COVID-19 on Family and Child Well Being
The William & Mary  Wellness Study is a psychology research project assessing the impact of COVID-19 on family and child well-being. Researchers are conducting online parent and child surveys, as well as follow up interviews for children that take place online. The team will ask parents and children questions with topics regarding education, COVID-19 related stressors, pandemic specific anxiety, adjustment, and peer and family relationships. The goal of the study is to identify what stressors are most impacting families during this time, as well as protective factors that may lead to a higher overall level of adjustment. Researchers are specifically looking for parents of school-aged children (5-17) to participate in the study, as well as students aged 11-17 to participate in the child follow up survey and interview. For more info visit

Exploratory Research Study on Gendered Racial Socialization of African American Girls

Researchers at Virginia Tech University are conducting an initial research investigation to explore ways in which African American fathers are socializing their daughters to address gendered racial microaggressions. We are recruiting African American fathers and father figures who have at least one African American daughter between the ages of 8-12 years of age of whom they have resided with for at least 12 months. Participants who meet the inclusion criteria will take part in an in-depth interview regarding racial socialization and challenges faced with rearing their daughters. Phone interviews will be conducted, and will last approximately 1 hour. Interviews will be audio recorded. Participation is voluntary. All participants will receive a 10$ Visa e-gift card for their participation. For more information about the research study, please contact Shawnice Johnson at

Research Study Seeking Grandmothers, Mothers, and Children
The Virginia Tech Social Development Lab is working with local SWVA families for a three-generation study on how families tell stories about emotion. Grandmothers, mothers, and children in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade are sought to participate together. Sessions take about an hour and involve completing questionnaires and having family conversations, and can take place in our family-friendly lab, or in your home.
For your participation, grandmothers and mothers each will receive a $15 gift card and children will receive a small gift! For more information contact Erika at or call 210-836-8016.

Cultural Considerations in Children’s Bullying Behaviors
This study examines mothers' emotional responses to children and their children's social behaviors in school and is seeking mothers and children ages 10-12 years old. Research Participants (parent and child) will each respond to a set of online, confidential questionnaires, which will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The study seeks to create anti-bullying atmosphere and your valuable answers have the potential to contribute to bullying intervention programs and healthy school culture. To learn more and get started please visit:

Working Single Mothers Needed for a Virginia Tech Study
We are conducting a study to understand everyday experiences of working single mothers without live-in partners. This study involves a 30-minute online survey, followed by a one-week diary study in which mothers respond to daily surveys upon waking and before bedtime. Participants will be compensated up to $50 for their efforts.
Participants in this study are required to be female, at least 21 years old, residing in the United States, working at least 32 hours per week in a paid job, and to have at least one dependent child under the age of 18 living with them at least 50% of the time. Anyone who is married or living with a romantic partner and/or works night or rotating shifts is ineligible to participate. Please contact the Work Stress and Recovery Lab at Virginia Tech ( if you may be interested in participating.

ASD and Phobia Study 
The Virginia Tech Child Study Center is looking for children ages 7-12 with Autism Spectrum Disorders and severe fears and phobias.
Children sometimes have fears that can interfere with home life, schoolwork, and friendships. Children commonly fear things such as dogs, spiders, loud noises, storms, heights, and the dark. If the fear is very intense or severe, it is called a phobia. Dr. Tom Ollendick at the Child Study Center is supervising a research study that offers experimental treatment to children who have severe fears or phobias. Dr. Ollendick has over 30 years of experience treating problematic childhood fears and anxieties in children. For more information, please call the Child Study Center at 540-231-3514 and ask for Sarah Ryan or Ashley Muskett, or e-mail

Treatment for Fear of Dogs in 4 to 7-year-old Children
The Virginia Tech Child Study Center is looking for participants for a treatment research study for 4-7 year old children with fears of dogs that are interfering in their lives. Parents will be provided with a book which has been designed to assist young children in becoming more comfortable around dogs. Parents will meet with a clinician who will teach them how to read the book with their child and do activities at home to improve their child’s fear. If the child’s fear level remains high, parents will be offered the opportunity to come into the clinic for additional treatment. Treatment is offered at no cost and families will be compensated for completing pre-treatment and follow-up assessment sessions. For more information please call the Child Study Center at 540-231-8276 or e-mail for further information.

Study Exploring the Feasibility of Non-Invasive Technology to Monitor and Predict Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia are conducting a study to assess perspectives of non-invasive health monitoring technology for self-injurious behavior in people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They are enrolling parents, guardians, and educators of 2-30 year olds with an ASD diagnosis who also engage in self-injurious behavior. The study involves discussing needs and challenges associated with self-injurious behavior, either in person or over the phone. There is no cost for this program and participants will receive payments for completing the session. For more information please email Kristine Cantin at or call 732-275-2223.

Facial Emotion Recognition Intervention for Children ages 9 to 12 with ASD. This study will assess the feasibility of an attention modification intervention to attenuate deficits in facial emotion recognition and expression in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We are enrolling children with (ASD), 9 to 12 years of age, who may show difficulties recognizing facial expressions for a 5 week, 10 session computer treatment. Participants will receive $20 per assessment session, in addition to $20 for completing all treatment sessions, for up to $80 total. Contact Andrea Trubanova Wieckowski email:; phone: 540-231-2024

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