Around the Valley 6.10.21

By Shannon O'Donnell June 9, 2021

It is hard to believe it is summer time again! Didn't we just have summer of 2020? I won't complain, summer is my favorite time of year. I just wish time would slow down. My family loves to play in the river, kayak, visit different pools, and the lake during the summer. We have some of our best memories during this time. 

My husband and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage in a couple of weeks. Again, there is that time issue! I wish I could figure out how to slow it down. We normally spend the week at Myrtle for our anniversary and this year it just didn't work out. Well, he called me up the other day to inform me that he was trying to plan a surprise get away for us, (cat's out of the bag). He said he couldn't find anywhere locally available during the weekend he wanted to go. I felt mixed emotions at the idea of a trip just for us. Excited, because we haven't been on a couples trip since little man was born (14 years ago), and upset because I didn't really want to go enjoy a trip without the kids. I know it is great to get "US" time and reset, but at the same time I feel like my kids need this trip too after the past few years. It is so hard to do things for ourselves. We can spend all day shopping for our children, but when it comes to our clothing needs we just keep putting it off.  I am still on the fence, but I will have to decide soon. 

Meanwhile, NRV Macaroni Kid has lots of events on the calendar for the next week. View our article "Summer Bucket List" to get your family list going. Figure out what to buy dad for Father's Day (get the kid's input). We also included the Summer Camp Guide again for our new subscribers or those who may have missed it. Have a fantastic week! 

Love, Peace, and Macaroni ~