Hawthorne Preschool Academy at Calvary UMC Opens August 21, 2018

Part- Time Preschool Enrolling Now

June 19, 2018

Are you looking for preschool that offers a developmentally appropriate safe environment in a beautiful, natural setting with excellent, experienced teachers, who are kind, understanding, and will provide a loving and nurturing environment for your child?  The teachers at Hawthorne Preschool Academy have all those special qualities and meet the licensing standards set by the Virginia Department of Social Services.

We are enrolling 3 -5 year olds for part time programs that meet from 9am to 12 pm.. Our lead teacher takes the time to get to know each child, evaluate their developmental needs, and provide individual attention and encouragement to help them grow and develop at their own pace.  She respects the culture and diversity of each student.

We understand that preschool is an important time for learning. Preschool education is now considered not just a good idea, but very important for a child’s scholastic success. "At preschool, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. And, more important, they learn how to socialize — get along with other children, share, and contribute to circle time", says Kathleen McCartney, PhD, Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education. These skills lay the foundation for what children will learn in Kindergarten and beyond.

At Hawthorne Preschool Academy we utilize a nationally recognized Curriculum, Learning Box and a combination of Early Childhood Education Theories drawing from Jean Piaget's philosophy, the eight stages of Erick Erickson's approach to learning, and Howard Gardener's concept of multiple intelligences. Our curriculum includes a holistic approach promoting:

•Fine Motor Development: used to increase small muscle development. This may include manipulating puzzles, drawing, coloring, painting, beading and manipulating print materials.

•Cognitive Development: This includes the engagement with peers, adults, materials and activities centered on themes. This also includes phonological awareness, vocabulary knowledge, problem solving, number concepts and peer interactions.

•Physical Development: This may include running, jumping, climbing, catching and ball playing, and structured outdoor time.

•Social Development: This will be done by the use of many dramatic play experiences such as pretend play and role-playing.

•Emotional Development: This may include the importance of human relationships such as peer interactions and adult/child interactions. This also includes peer negotiations, the ability to make choices and how to properly interact with others. Each child is taught how to use their words successfully (not their hands) and how to listen to others, especially when solving problems.

•Spiritual Development: Simple prayers are said before snack and children explore the natural world around us developing an appreciation of God's love and creation. We are a non-denominational preschool. All religious and secular groups are invited to apply.

Why we are special:

•Licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services

•Promote Kindergarten Readiness

•Nationally Recognized Curriculum

•Affordable Tuition

•Small Class Size

•Developmentally appropriate safe playground

Hawthorne Preschool Academy is located at 1600 South Franklin Street, Christiansburg, VA  and you visit us online HERE and on Facebook.  To learn more or schedule a tour email or call (540) 585-1575.