The Greatest Product: Lay N Go

Discount for NRV Macaroni Kid Readers!

By Developed by a Virginia Family! February 22, 2012
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I found the greatest product that solves a toy storage problem that was designed by a family right here in Virginia!  It’s called Lay-N-Go and it is a storage play mat for small toys like Barbie®s,  PlayMobile®, Star Wars®, Littlest Pet Shop® and other collections that are expensive to replace and hurt bare feet when you step on them.

 Lay-N-Go is a sturdy 5 foot round mat for your kids to play on. It has a drawstring edge that gathers easily and secures into a satchel to carry and store toys. There’s no need to transfer toys to a bin or toy box, and there are even clear pockets where your child can put their favorites. See a clip here. When our Lay-N-Go arrived in the mail we decided all Lego®s should live there, and later that day I had 5 kids playing on the mat. Come clean up time, they all wanted to be the one to gather it up. I like that Lay-N -Go can be stored on the floor or hung in a closet or on a low hook and that my children can do it themselves.

Inventor/owner Amy Fazackerley is an Alexandria, VA resident who previously owned a monogramming business. She and husband of 11 years Adam wanted to devise a better system to address both the storage and clean up of the Lego®s her 3 sons played with using her background in sewing and fabrics. After many prototypes the Lay-N-Go was born. When friends and family starting wanting one, they knew they were on to something. Amy uses only fabrics that are washable and in addition to the regular play mat, they offer a smaller size ideal for restaurants and travel.

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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this promotion and the statements are my own.